KB14 - The Friday 4 - Oil On The Canvas

mindset mindset advice May 05, 2023

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#1 - Oil on the Canvas

“You don’t have to paint a masterpiece each day, you just have to put some oil on the canvas” - Brendan Burchard

Procrastination is one of the biggest killers of progress, and one of the main reasons for this procrastination is trying to get everything done in a day.

The key to success is “chunking things down” and committing to doing it daily.

  • Don’t try and get 30 books read in a year; commit to one chapter a day, and you’ll hit that 30-book goal by November.
  • Don’t try and lose weight; think of ways to get an extra 2,000 steps a day and commit to that. If nothing else changed, you will have accumulated 730,000 extra steps in a year, equivalent to 21,900 calories which is equivalent to 6.2lbs of bodyfat

If you make a commitment to put a little oil on the canvas each day, pretty soon, you’ll have a masterpiece.


#2 - Help, Heard, Hugged?

A Few weeks back, I did an Interview with Sahil Bloom, and he had an incredible process that he uses when friends come to him with a problem…

Do you want help? To be heard? Or to be hugged?


Sometimes people will come to you with a problem they want to solve. Don’t forget to ask them if they would like help fixing the problem because they might just want to be heard.


Sometimes people just want to be heard. They want someone to rely on to clear the air and listen to their fears and frustrations without judgement.


Sometimes people don’t want help or to be heard. They’re going through something really shitty, and all they need is a good old hug.

This is such an effective process to use with those close to you.

Find your “herders” “helpers” and “huggers” and don’t forget to ask for them yourself from time to time.


#3 - Looking Through Prison Bars

I heard a quote years back that stuck with me…

Two men looked through prison bars, one saw mud, the other saw stars

Embrace the power of perspective, for it holds the key to unlocking your potential.

By shifting your mindset and discovering new viewpoints, you can transform challenges into opportunities and setbacks into lessons.

By changing your perception of things that happen to you, you’ll empower yourself to navigate life with resilience and optimism.

Remember, it's not the world that defines you but rather the lens through which you choose to view it.


#4 - Accepting Gifts

In a small town, a man was giving a speech when a young man began shouting insults at him.

Instead of getting angry, he asked the young man, "If you buy a gift for someone and they don't accept it, who does it belong to?"

The young man replied that it would still belong to him.

The man explained that the same applies to anger;

if someone is angry and the other person doesn't accept the hostility, the anger remains with the angry person, only hurting themselves.

Lesson: Don't surrender to anger or let others take your personal power. Reflect on their actions and protect your higher self, as the only person affected by negativity is the one projecting it.



👉 Overcome “paralysis by analysis” by committing to do one small thing each day to improve your life

👉 Communication with others is so important for your mental health. Some people need help, others need to be heard, and some need a good old hug

👉 You can’t control what happens to you in life, but you can control how you look at the situation. Remember it’s only in darkness that you can see the stars.

👉 You don't have to accept every "Gift" that comes your way, especially negative ones. The only person that should be affected by negativity is the one projecting it.


I hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Four; see you next week for more knowledge bombs.


Jay Alderton

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