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The Importance of Non Negotiables

Most people set goals like, "I'm gonna get in the gym five times a week, no excuses!"

But what happens?

You hit Monday like a champ, kill it on Tuesday, get a little sluggish on Wednesday, and by Thursday, you're like, "I'll make up for it on Friday."

You probably won't!

So how do you set a goal that lasts longer than Liz Truss’s Prime Minister career?

Enter "Non-Negotiables"

A Non-Negotiable isn't like that wishy-washy friend who says they'll show up to the party and never does. These are the iron-clad rules you set for yourself.

You're locking it in like Fort Knox, and there's no turning back!

But hey, don't be that person who's all gung-ho about going to the gym seven days a week then flames out faster than a sparkler.


If you're more of a "I do gym selfies but don't actually work out" kind of person, start with something simple.

Make it a Non-Negotiable to hit the gym just three times a week.

Yes, THREE times.

It’s small enough that you can't play the "I'm too busy" card, but it's impactful enough actually to make a difference.

You’re not training for the Olympics; you’re training to not feel like a sack of potatoes.

Why This Works:

  1. The Power of Momentum: You'll build up this sense of accomplishment when you hit your Non-Negotiables. It's like levelling up in a video game. And who doesn't wanna feel like a Level 99 Gym Warrior?
  2. Less Guilt, More Gain: If you set a crazy high goal and miss it, you feel like crap. But if you set a reasonable Non-Negotiable and smash it? You feel awesome
  3. Wiggle Room: Let’s say you set 3 days as your Non-Negotiable, but you go four times. Guess what? You’re a legend for going above and beyond. But set it at five days and only go four times? You feel like a chump who couldn't keep their promise.

Non-negotiables keep you honest, give you a clear target, and slap you in the face when you're making excuses.

If you want to be on team consistency, this is your playbook.


Arrival Syndrome

Today, we're diving into a mindset mistake I've seen too many folks (including myself) make:

Thinking you've 'ARRIVED.'

I've had some big wins in the last decade. I’m talking big, hairy, audacious goals getting smashed left, right, and centre.

And every time I crushed a goal, I felt like a god.

But here's the kicker: I also started getting too cosy on my throne.

I came across a quote that I’ll always remember:

"Don't let success get to your head, and don't let failure get to your heart."

It was like life slapped me upside the head with a wet fish. I had to get my act together.

In the past, when I hit a big milestone, I'd throw a party. In my head, I was the king of the world!

But eventually, I realised these milestones were more like airport layovers than final destinations.

Grab a coffee and stretch your legs, but don't unpack your bags and move in.

My lesson?

The more successful I got, the more I appreciated it, but I didn't let it define or stop me.

Success isn’t a one-time deal. It’s an ongoing process.

Comfort is nice. But you know what's not nice? Getting stuck in the 'Arrival Zone.'

It's like floating in space. Time stands still. You're not going forward; in this fast-paced world, if you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards.

Nowadays, when I smash a goal, instead of thinking I've 'arrived,' I see it as another marker on my journey.

A stage picture from my talk this week in front of a 700-person crowd. I reminded the audience that I’m nothing special up here; I know a lot about a particular subject because I’ve been doing it for a long time, and they could easily be up here speaking next year, too!


I get hungry for the next adventure, the next lesson, the next mountain to climb.

Every day, I remind myself that life is a series of ups and downs, of wins and losses, and the only real “Arrival” is when you close your eyes for the last time.


The Nike Hotel

Today, we’re going to break down something EVERY business owner, big or small, needs to grasp:


Now, you might be saying isn't branding just for them big shots like Nike and Apple?"

Nope! Not even a bit. Branding is for EVERYONE, and I'll prove it to you.

Close your eyes and imagine you've just entered "The Nike Hotel" in London.

"The Nike Hotel"? What the heck is that? Nike doesn't do hotels!

But here's the magic: you already know how dope this hotel would be.

You're thinking of a minimalist, sleek design. Receptionists in fresh Nike gear.

Rooms are named after iconic athletes. Maybe a gym that's better than anything you’ve ever seen.

Why? That, my friend, is the power of branding.

Nike's never told you they're in the hotel biz, but you've got this whole scenario in your head.

That's because Nike’s brand is STRONG.

Their brand voice, logo, and marketing tell you a story you're totally bought into.

Here are three quick tips to help you on your branding journey.


1. Consistency is Key

You have to be CONSISTENT. Don't switch up like a chameleon at a rave party, whether it's your logo, colour scheme, or voice. Pick something and stick to it.

2. Your Brand Isn’t Just Your Logo!

Your brand is MORE than just a cool logo or catchy slogan. It’s the vibe you give off and the emotions you trigger in people. Apple isn’t just a fruit; it’s a vibe of innovation. Your brand should encapsulate your business’s essence in a way that connects with people.

3. Speak Their Language

You have to speak the language of your audience. If your crowd is hip and young, don't talk like you're stuck in the 1950s. On the flip side, if your audience is corporate, maybe skip the emojis (but hey, emojis are cool; you do you).

Think about what you want people to feel when interacting with your brand. If you're a small coffee shop, maybe you want them to feel cosy and at home. If you're a high-tech startup, maybe you want to radiate innovation and cutting-edge vibes.

Whatever it is, lock it down and go ALL in.



👉  Non Negotiables: Forget those flimsy goals that fizzle out! Get yourself some Non-Negotiables! These are iron-clad promises you make to YOU. They're realistic, so you build momentum, feel less crappy, and get stuff done.

👉 Arrival Syndrome: Ever hit a goal and thought you were the king of the world? That's 'Arrival Syndrome,' and it's a trap! Success isn’t a one-stop destination; it's like an airport layover. Don't get too comfy. Remember, you're never 'done.’

👉 The Importance of Branding: Ever wonder what branding is all about? Imagine walking into "The Nike Hotel" and you already know it'd be awesome, right? That's branding! Be consistent. And speak your audience's language. Make them feel something! Branding is for everyone, not just the big shots.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Knowledge Bomb Newsletter.

See you next week for another instalment!

Jay Alderton


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