KB01 - The 7 DEADLY Nutrition Sins

nutrition Jan 07, 2023

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Today I’m going to teach you the 7 biggest nutrition sins people make when it comes to achieving their fat loss goals.

In a world full of quick fixes and people promising the world with their “secret diet formulas”, I’m going to walk you through some “common sense but not common practice” principles to help you cut through the noise and pick the right plan of action for you.

By understanding these 7 sins, you can create a solid plan of action for success with your fat loss goals and not only hit them but sustain them once you get there.


"The best nutrition plan is enjoyable, maintainable, sustainable and you can see yourself doing it a year from now"


Let’s Dive in…


Sin 1 - Overly Restricting Calories

If you’re reading this at the beginning of the year, you’ve probably said that this is your year of change.

you’re only going to be successful with that change if you think differently...


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them - Albert Einstein"


Overly restricting calories is why most people fail to reach and maintain their body goals and what you’re setting up for yourself is a quick-fix solution for a long-term problem.

Remember Aesops' fable of the Tortoise and the Hare?

Don’t go speeding off thinking you’re going to win the race.

Like the hare, you’ll fall asleep before you get to the finish line.

Always be a Tortoise.


Sin 2 -Not knowing how many calories you need

Not knowing how many calories you need to drop body fat is one of the biggest sins!

It’s like trying to get to a destination without a map...

if you know the direction, you might still get there...

But it’s going to take a lot longer to figure out, and you’re going to take a few wrong turns along the way.

Here’s how you find out how many calories you need to start...

  1. Work out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (Click here to use my calculator for free)
  2. Make sure you have your activity levels set accurately 
  3. Subtract 300kcal from your Total Daily Energy Expenditure
  4. Allocate 25-30% of those calories to your protein intake
  5. Allocate the rest for your Fat and Carb intake (there is no magic formula for this. Its personal preference)

Do you need to track your calories and macros forever?


The answer is no


Like when you use a map, you get used to navigating to the destination, so you become familiar with getting there.

Track for a month, find out whereabouts you’ve been going wrong and make the necessary adjustments along the way.


Sin 3 - Cutting out whole macronutrients

I always say there are two types of people in this world...


  • Those that like carbs

  • Liars


There are zero requirements for you to cut out an entire macronutrient especially when it comes to your carb intake.

Carbs are the preferred source of energy for your body and your brain and the biggest source of happiness for humans around the globe!



Sin 4 - The Weekend Warrior

Another big sin is what I like to call “The Weekend Warrior.”



The Weekend Warrior overly restricts on the weekdays, usually because they’re busy or distracted, then makes up for those calories on the weekends when they’re bored.

This is a perpetual cycle for most people

How to solve this?

You don't need to reward yourself on the weekend with food. Eat enough throughout the week, and allocate a few extra kcals on the weekend if needs be so you can become a "Full Week Warrior"


Sin 5 -Not knowing your “Triggers"

“Food Triggers” are certain foods “and drinks” that you have in the house and can’t help but eat/drink them until they've somehow "disappeared" ;-)

We all have “Triggers” when it comes to things in our lives, from food to music to people.

Being aware of them is the key to responding correctly when they arise.

Two of mine are Cold beers in the fridge, and these little beauties...


I have a simple rule in my house...

If you can’t reduce them, then remove them completely.

Out of sight, out of mind doesn't always work, especially as I know they’re in the cupboards!


Sin 6 - Drinking Your Calories

Back in my Army days when I was stationed in Iraq with the US Army, they used to eat in a place they called a “DFAC”


In those DFAC’s were rows upon rows of chilled drink fridges, and in those fridges were these...


(Ten Years ago, they were twice as big as this and had a whopping 320kcal per bottle!)

With so many low-calorie options for beverages, it makes zero sense to buy the full sugar variety, especially when you can allocate those calories to foods that will keep you full.

This is the same for Alcohol too.

Ditch the pints for bottles, and if you’re going to have a drink, aim for a Gin and Slimline tonic which is only 80kcal.


Sin 7 -Not Prepping Food

In the first half of last year, I was TERRIBLE at prepping food!

Every lunchtime, I would walk to the local Tesco, get a £3 meal deal, and although it was fairly healthy, it didn’t fill me up and was costing me a fortune.



In the second half of the year, that all changed.

On Sunday afternoons, I head to the supermarket and buy plenty of Chicken, Turkey and Stir fry pork.

Then Sunday evening, I prepare a giant Chilli, Curry or Crock Pot Recipe for the week ahead of me.

My daily meal prep then only takes 10 mins

Moving the chilli/curry to a Tupperware box and then adding some rice or potatoes and vegetables.

Sunday prep time, including shop = 2 hours

Weekday Prep - 10 mins

Money Saved = £££££

It doesn't take long to do, and once you get into the swing of doing it, you wonder why you never did it before!



  1. Work out your required calories; the game is easier to play when you have a map.
  2. Convenience might save you time but kills your wallet. Allocate some time on the weekends to prep food
  3. Know what foods trigger you to overeat and if you can’t reduce them, then remove them from the house.


I hope you enjoyed today's Knowledge Bomb Newsletter; I will be Back next Saturday for another one!


Jay Alderton




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