KB#31 - Greasing The Groove

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Knowledge Bomb Newsletter Update

Starting this week, I’m tweaking the style of my Knowledge Bomb Newsletter. The aim is to make it easier to read yet more actionable and will contain three subjects that, for the last 8 years, I’ve been super passionate about helping others with…

Body, Brain and Business.

Each week, I’ll drop a knowledge bomb in each area to ensure you get incredible tips and strategies to improve your health, strengthen your mind and help you grow your business or side hustle.

Let’s begin!


Greasing the Groove

We all have our weaknesses. Maybe you can't do a pull-up to save your life, or perhaps you find it challenging to even lift your own body weight in any exercise. I’m going to show you how to stop focusing on them being weaknesses and instead focus on turning them into strengths.

How? By "greasing the groove!

What the Hell is "Greasing the Groove"?

"Greasing the Groove" (GtG) is a term coined by Pavel Tsatsouline, a former Soviet special forces instructor. It's not about lifting the heaviest weights or pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion.

It's about practising strength as a skill.

Just like you wouldn't become a virtuoso pianist overnight, you won't become a Hercules by lifting weights once a week.

Your muscles contract when you lift a weight because your nervous system tells them to. The more you practice this, the more efficient the connection between your brain and muscles becomes.

This is called myelination.

It's like upgrading from a dial-up connection to high-speed internet.

You become faster, stronger, and more efficient without even trying that hard.

It's not about how heavy the weight is but how often and how well you lift it.

How to Grease Your Own Groove

  1. Pick Your Poison: Choose an exercise you're terrible at but wanna get better at. It could be pull-ups, push-ups, or even interpretive dance. Who cares?
  2. Don't Go to Failure: This ain't about maxing out, folks. It's about consistency. Do a few reps multiple times a day.
  3. Keep It Simple, Stupid: Don't make this complicated. Whenever you get a chance, do your exercise. About to binge-watch Netflix? Do a few reps first.
  4. Quality Over Quantity: This is a skill, remember? So focus on doing it right, not just doing it a lot.

Grease that groove and watch as you transform from a mere mortal into a strength god, one rep at a time.

Because in the grand scheme of things, it's not about how heavy you lift but how smart you lift.

And that is a skill worth mastering!


Raising Adults

With the kids back to school. This week here in the UK, I thought I would share with you this fantastic quote by Jon Acuff...

“We aren't raising kids; we are raising adults. If you want a kind 16-year-old, teach a 6-year-old kindness and give them 10 years of practice. If you want a tough 26-year-old, teach a 16-year-old toughness and give them 10 years of practice.

If you want a _____ adult, teach a kid how to be _____ and give them _____ years of practice”

If you want a kind 16-year-old, you’ve got to start with a 6-year-old and give 'em ten years of kindness practice.”

Want a tough 26-year-old? Same formula—start with a 16-year-old and give 'em a decade of toughness training.

This isn't just about teaching kids stuff; it's about long-term investment in their character.

You're not just shaping a child; you're moulding the adult they'll become.


When "No" Isn't The End: How to Turn Rejection into Opportunity

Today, we're diving into something that's a real gut-puncher for a lot of us:

We hear the word "No" when selling our products or services.

I've been around the block, working with hundreds of coaches in the health and wellness space—from Personal Trainers to Golf Pros and Yoga Gurus.

These peeps are changing lives but drastically undersell themselves!

And when they hear a "No," it's like someone stole their lunch money.

So, let's break down three things you need to understand to help you overcome that "No."


1. They're Saying No to the Product, Not to You

We've all heard the saying, "People buy people, not products." But let's get real.

There are a gazillion reasons someone might say no.

Maybe it's bad timing, or they're just not feeling the pain enough to want a solution.

It's not a diss on you, so stop letting it knock your confidence.

And hey, don't be shy—follow up and dig deeper into why it's a "No" for now.


2. No Doesn't Always Mean No

When I tell folks to learn more about the "No," they act like I've asked them to wrestle a bear.

They picture themselves as that annoying door-to-door salesman, jamming their foot in the door.

But that's not true at all, especially in the health and wellness space.

You're solving high-emotion problems.

So when you ask why it's a "No," you give them a chance to open up.

You're creating a dialogue that could flip that "No" into a "Hell yes!"


3. Stop Selling, Start Educating

People put up walls faster than a cat running from a vacuum when they feel like they're being sold.

So, switch gears. Instead of selling, educate them.

Give them the information they need to see your service in a new light.

Make them realise they've been looking at it all wrong, and you've got the solution they didn't even know they needed.

Next time you hear a "No," don't let it knock you down.

Use it as a stepping stone to better understand your potential client and refine your approach.

Because a "No" today could very well be a "Yes" tomorrow.

And that is how you turn rejection into opportunity.


👉  Greasing The Groove: is a method for turning weaknesses into strengths by treating strength as a skill. Coined by Pavel Tsatsouline, it emphasises consistent, quality reps over heavy lifting, improving both brain-muscle connection and overall performance.

👉 Raising Adults: Jon Acuff's quote emphasises that parenting is a long-term investment in character aimed at raising adults, not just kids. Teach traits like kindness or toughness early for lifelong impact.

👉 Dealing with the word NO: No is an opportunity to understand the person's wants and needs more clearly. educate rather than sell, and realise that a "No" can very quickly become a "Yes.”

I hope you enjoyed this week's Knowledge Bomb Newsletter!

Let me know if you like the new style and I’ll see you next week for another instalment.

Jay Alderton

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