KB#23 - The Friday Four - 4 Pillars of Transformation

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Imagine being part of a private community of like-minded renegades, stretching your bodies, expanding your minds, swapping stories and raising the bar for each other.

And then there's me. Every month, I'll host masterminds, sharing insights, methods, and strategies that I've picked up on this crazy journey.

Not to mention, we've got monthly challenges designed to kick you out of your comfort zone, push your boundaries and set you on a life-changing trajectory.

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Let’s get into this week's Friday Four Newsletter…


#1 - The Eight Truths

For many years I have followed an incredible Twitter account called Orange Book.

The wisdom they have shared over the last few years has been incredible and I wanted to highlight in this newsletter something they posted last week about clarifying important concepts.

True Revenge

You are busy enjoying life; you don’t have time to think about the people who mistreated you.

True Laziness

You work hard and smart for a few years and can chill for the rest of your life.

True Wealth

You are healthy, loved, and clear-minded, you have time, you are fully enjoying your experience of life.

True Leadership

You don’t tell people what to do, you are focused on achieving your goals, you become someone you respect, and before you know it, you notice that a lot of people seek to learn from you.

True Humility

You study and train every day because you know life gets unpleasant once you start getting arrogant. You know you still have a long way to go, that’s why you are focused on your life.

True Luck

You understand that life is a game of probability, you keep investing in yourself to increase your chances of success, you assume you are where you are because you chose to be there.

True Anger

You convert your self-harmful energy into efforts that will actually improve your life and make you a happier person.

True Selfishness

You take care of yourself first because you want to be in a position to help whoever you want, and you can’t do that if you are sick, broke, struggling to figure out what you want to do with your life.


#2 - Three Thoughts on Threads

As you might have already seen, this week, Mark Zuckerberg launched Instagram threads, and in less than a week, there are over 100 million users on the platform.

Here’s my “3 Thoughts” after using it for the past week…

1. It's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: I've got a weird love for fresh social media platforms. It's like the Wild West, with everyone scrambling to stake their claim and figure out how to shoot their social media six-shooters. TikTok had me hooked in 2019 for the very same reason. Here's to hoping Threads can keep up that raw, unrefined charm for as long as possible.

2. It's Got a Seat at the Table: I had a long romance with Twitter, but let's face it, the place is a toxic wasteland now. Being a word nerd, I've always been a sucker for text-based social platforms, Medium being one. So, I welcomed Threads like an old friend buying me a pint at the pub.

3. Lighten Up, Francis: What's got me chuckling about Threads is that, so far, it hasn't been colonised by the 'too-serious' brigade. And that, my friends, is bloody brilliant. I'm all in for sprinkling valuable posts with a healthy dose of my twisted humour. Who said social media should be a no-fun zone?

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#3 - My Personal Diet Philosophies

Something that I don’t talk too much about these days is nutrition.

It’s something I was OBSESSED about during my competing days and also a subject I know a lot about, having worked with over 10,000 people to help them achieve their fat loss goals.

Here are six diet philosophies that have helped me stay in great shape over the last ten years…

#1 What you put in your body affects how you look and how you feel. Knowing this makes you realise that diet and nutrition choices aren’t logical but emotional.

#2 Fat Loss is like learning a new language; you’ll not be fluent in a matter of weeks. It takes many years to master.

#3 Think of Fat Loss as a flower. Every flower grows at a different pace, and flowers don’t compete against other flowers; they just bloom.

#4 If you’re lost, don’t keep walking in the wrong direction. Stop and ask someone for directions or find a good shop and buy a map!

#5 You don’t need carbs in your diet to drop body fat. You also don’t need a car to reach your workplace 30 miles away. It does, however, make the journey more enjoyable and easier, plus it reduces your risk of being fired or quitting because it’s too much effort.

#6 The hare sped off at an incredible pace after ridiculing the tortoise and was so confident in winning the race he took a nap halfway around. When he woke, he found that the tortoise had overtaken him and won the race. Always be a tortoise.


#4 - The Four Pillars of Transformation

To celebrate the launch of my Mindset with Muscle Academy, I wanted to talk about the four pillars that I use in the Academy to help you get healthier, happier, fitter and stronger.

Those four pillars are Mind, Body, Connection, Direction

#1 - Mind

It all begins in that mysterious maze called your mind. Get your thoughts in order, and the rest will follow suit. The Academy is your personal training ground for developing mental resilience, establishing habits, setting routines, and learning to navigate your stress levels. We're committed to keeping you accountable each week, helping you cement those crucial habits and minimise your stress.

#2 - Body

Let’s get this straight; fitness isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about feeling invincible! Caring for your body is your way of arming yourself against life's curveballs. In the Academy, we’ve prepared various tools to bolster your physical prowess. From gym routines to home workouts, stretching sessions, and monthly challenges — all designed to push your body and mind.

#3 - Connection

As the saying goes, "No person is an island". This rings true when you’re pursuing your dreams. The journey becomes less arduous when you've got a supportive network cheering you on. Your environment is the unseen force shaping your performance. My mission with the Academy is to help you build a network of like-minded individuals travelling the same road as you.

#4 - Direction

Ever had that unsettling question, "Why am I even doing this?" Understanding your life’s purpose is the antidote. This is why we’ve invested in helping you discover your passion and purpose. The Academy's goal is to ensure your passion becomes the reason you eagerly jump out of bed each morning.

Ready to embark on your transformation journey with the Mindset with Muscle Academy? Don't hesitate. Let's get started; click here



👉  The Eight Truths: Life is very counterintuitive, to navigate it successfully, you need clarity on what’s truly important.

👉  Instagram Threads: If you’re joining me on this journey, have fun, engage with others and enjoy the ride

👉 My Diet Philosophies. The best diet is the one that is enjoyable, maintainable, sustainable, and you can see yourself doing it a year from now.

👉  The Four Pillars of Transformation. Get your head right, focus on physical fitness, find your support network and know why you’re doing it all.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Four; see you next Friday for another instalment.

Jay Alderton

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